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Our Core Values

Integrity, Transparency, and Partnership for a Better Community



We recognize the importance of our work and sanctify it to provide all that is best in a fair and equitable manner by preserving the interests of the public firstly, away from our personal interests.


We believe that efficiency in work comes from clarity in all matters in terms of work laws and procedures.


Activating the role of working with associations to increase the percentage of social responsibility to achieve the highest standards of community efficiency.

Why Choose Us

Providing Logistics Services through Wide Range of Projects over the World

MICA International Commercial is a reseller of major commodities and a logistics business, that does business in over 30 countries all around the world.

MICA is proud to be the logistics services provider of many humanitarian organizations that work over the world to spread happiness in the poor societies.

Logistics Services

Trust us to handle your logistics needs, so you can focus on your mission.


We store your relief products, supplies and other materials in appropriate warehouses.


We assist you to deliver your products to the required distribution points.


We package your products into boxes in preparation for delivery.


We label all your relief products anad humanitarian aid with your brand name.

Global Leaders in Logistics Services and Solutions

Providing logistical services and solutions to the organizations working in the humanitarian field.

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to provide all the food and non-food items required by these organizations for the refugee camps and areas in need around the world. We take great pride in our participation and contribution to the implementation of these organizations’ projects in enhancing their long-term resilience and creating sustainable and positive impacts in the communities they serve.


Delivery of all Essential Supplies for
(Families, Kids, and Women)

At MICA International Commercial, we offer a wide range of relief aid products to support families around the world.

Medical Supplies

Medical supplies to support health and well-being.

Food Baskets

Non-perishable food items.

School Supplies

Bags, computers, writing materials, and other educational supplies.

Winter Supplies

Hats, gloves, scarves, coats, blankets, and more.

Implemented by: MICA International Commercial

Delivering and Implementing
Humanitarian Aid

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Water Supply Project
for Gaza

Providing clean water to the residents of Gaza.

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Udhia Project for
West Bank

Delivering Udhia meat in the West Bank, Ramallah, Palestine.

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Food Parcels for
Northern Gaza

Delivering food parcels on the first day of Eid al-Adha.

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Udhia Project in

Delivering Udhia meat to the people of Gaza.

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Food Parcel Project
for Libya

Delivering food parcels to families in Libya.

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Iftar Project on Day of Arafah in Gaza

Delivering Iftar meals on the Day of Arafah.

MICA in Numbers

Our work has no end, as long as there is a beating heart, we will continue to give.
Statistics of our achievements in infinite numbers.

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Mica International Commercial

Providing Services and Solutions to Relief and Humanitarian Organizations Worldwide.

Witness our commitment to building strong connections with humanitarian  organizations to provide comprehensive relief services.

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Partners of Success

MICA in Action

We have worked in a number of affected and marginalized areas to help our partners draw a smile on the faces of poor and needy families.

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